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Making Connections Group: Genre of the Week: ACTION/ADVENTURE

This week in our Making Connections Group: Genre of the Week: ACTION/ADVENTURE:

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1. MARIE (Teumessian Trilogy #1) by Ana Elise Meyer The human search for a solution to disease and physical decay has driven many to go to extreme measures. Dr. Carl Stanley’s efforts are no exception, his creation, Marie becomes the picture of physical perfection; possessing the ability to heal at a rapid rate.

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2. JAMES (Teumessian Trilogy #2) by Ana Meyer As the lone survivor of the destruction brought on by Marie, James is left to question: Who am I? However, dark force have begun to arise that will try to answer that question for him and shape his destiny.

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3. VANISHED by Mark Bierman Tragedy . . . heartache . . . how much more can Tyler Montgomery and John Webster take? This mission’s trip, the “healing” one, has only added fresh layers of pain. Construction of an orphanage in Haiti’s northwest . . . yes. But a doomed rescue operation, human traffickers, human anomalies, and extreme personal danger . . . risk of death? They hadn’t signed up for any of those.

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4. SECRETS & LIES IN EL SALVADOR by Sherrie Miranda In a conscious effort to heal from recent trauma and her mother’s lies about her closest relations, Shelly Dalton Smith travels to war-torn El Salvador. Unwittingly used by someone she trusts to implement a mission too dangerous for anyone to complete, she captures shots of her host family, and listens to their secrets and lies, which reveal her mother's deception is not so different from that of others, including her own.

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5. THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE by Charles Michael Landry An American working at a US Government contracting firm stumbles upon a secret plot against the American people involving his own company. His discovery is quietly detected and he is sent on a mission to South Korea where he is framed for spying against the foreign government and placed under house arrest. He has been successfully silenced. Living through the painful emotions of solitude, confinement and isolation, he turns to music and in a moment of epiphany, finds hidden musical notation in the characters of the Korean language.

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BOTS AND BEANS: CULT Group Coffee Sequence Volume 1 by Colin Spindler

THE HEAVINESS OF KNOWING (The Conscious Dreamer Series #1) by Sharolyn G. Brown 

LEGEND OF THE EAST ROAD (The Roads of Luhonono #1) by Hamilton Hill

HOW YOU GET THE GIRL by Quirah Casey AT YOMI'S GATE by John Meszaros

LOST HUNTERS, Second Edition by Deanne Devine

PANDORA RED by Jay Tinsiano

BLOOD TIES (Modern Tales of Na Fianna #1) by Hazel B West

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